Experimental Poetry Submissions: Unique Opportunities for Poets

Five Places to Make Experimental Poetry Submissions

If you are interested in experimental poetry submissions, there are many places that may be right for you. These publishers accept poetry in a variety of forms and styles, and some even encourage found work or erasures.

Kissing Dynamite is an online journal that publishes monthly issues of twelve poems. Each issue has a different theme that develops from the chemistry of their slush pile.

BlazeVOX Books

BlazeVOX Books publishes poetry, short fiction and experimental non-fiction. They especially welcome submissions from women, LGBTQ+ authors, and those from demographic margins.

When compiling a manuscript, poets should make sure that the pieces naturally build on each other. They should also remember to proofread and follow the publisher’s guidelines. This way, they can give themselves the best chance of being accepted for publication.

Dead Ink Books

Recently, Dead Ink Books won the Republic of Consciousness prize for small presses for Missouri Williams’ debut novel The Doloriad. The award honors work that challenges status quos, both literary and cultural.

The publishers are currently accepting submissions of full-length manuscripts and chapbooks. They also host annual writing contests. Interested authors should read their submission guidelines. Those guidelines can be found here.

Laksa Media

Laksa Media is a publisher of narrative non-fiction and experimental fiction books. They are looking for full-length manuscripts, including novels and short story collections. They are particularly interested in experimental, genre-bending works. They also offer an annual writing contest in fiction and poetry. For more information, visit their submission guidelines page.

This company is an independent literary publisher that donates a portion of their profits to charitable projects and organizations, including anti-discrimination and mental health initiatives.

Penned in the Margins

A UK-based publisher that publishes poetry with a more experimental slant. They have a few short fee-free submission periods per year and are always accepting queries.

Penned in the Margins is a dynamic literary arts company who combine live events, projects and tours with publishing exciting new risk-taking work. In their own words they create ‘publications and performances for people not afraid to take risks’.

Black Warrior Review

The Black Warrior Review is a nationally-known literary journal published twice a year by graduate students in the University’s creative writing program. It features fiction and poetry by Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners alongside up-and-coming contemporary writers.

Fence publishes work that defies easy definition, and they’re always on the lookout for new voices. They seek “beautiful, muscular work with strong emotional threads.” When their submissions reopen in 2021, send them your poetry through Submittable.

Four Way Review

Four Way Review is a New York City-based literary magazine that focuses on experimental poetry. The journal is open to submissions from both emerging and established authors. They are interested in poems that demonstrate a strong sense of craft and voice.

The online lit mag Dream Pop Journal defines their aesthetic as a literary response to the hypnotic music of the Cocteau Twins. They are seeking mesmerizingly experimental work that blurs the boundaries of genre.


Founded in 1999, Stirring is an online journal open to poetry, nonfiction, and visual art. They are looking for work that “involves re-approachment, re-consideration, and re-thinking” of the literary and the visual arts. Simultaneous submissions are allowed and responses can take up to six months.

They want poems that are “quietly, entrancingly lyrical.” You can also submit to their seasonal issues.

Hedge Apple

Hedge apples are a natural and easy way to repel pests around your home. They are especially effective in areas where pests tend to hang out such as around the foundation of your house.

CRANK mag welcomes submissions that push language to its limits, with the editorial team looking for work of great daring and rigour that destabilises cultural and stylistic classification. Their next submission window opens 1 April. Find out more here.

Indefinite Space

Into the Void seeks “prose and poetry that explore the limits of language, the boundaries between genres.” They accept email submissions year round.

Cosmonauts Ave is a magazine that features work by POC writers and artists, with an emphasis on intersectionality. They pay contributors.

S/Word wants “impossible expressions of beauty and power in language” that utilize ambiguity and erasure. They read no-fee submissions year-round via Submittable.

Into the Void

Into the Void is a song by heavy metal band Black Sabbath. It was released in 1992 on the re-release of their album Badmotorfinger.

aaduna wants “provocative, ambivalent and darkly lyrical work”. They have issue deadlines but read no-fee email submissions year round. They also pay authors. They are interested in writing that pushes boundaries and breaks hearts. They are a journal of intersections and fusions.

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